Maasai Healthcare Facility

Besides of the government effort to bring healthcare service to in rural communities in Tanzania, still there are many rural people who are travelling tens of miles to access medical services.

Pregnant women are taking unsafe birth and sometime lose their life in road on their ways to access healthcare due to long distance to hospitals and no ambulances, children under 5 are at high risk of dying from treatable diseases in the village due to lack of this important service. No healthcare center to help them to access important vaccines to assist in diseases control something that contributing for earlier child mortality in the Maasai villages to be high compared to others.

The entire community are faced by the toothache on which many of them lose their teeth and no a place to get a dental care in the village and that had been linked to many other diseases like oral cancer which is very common to these villages.

In Losimingori and nearby villages the community at large does not have a closer healthcare facility to access healthcare. They travel more than 40 miles to access hospital, which is more expensive and also time consuming for them. Vijana Inspiring Foundation is looking for partners to help to change the situation and find a sustainable solution on which we are seeking to build the Maasai Health Center that will be able to help about 30,000 people to access healthcare in 5 villages of Monduli districts which are Losimingori, Lepurko, Mbuyuni, Naiti and Nanja. 

In 2021, we build a community Center to bring community together for education, 2022 we build a rain water harvest tanks to help community members to access clean water and now our next phase is to help by constructing the health facility for villagers to enable them access healthcare in the village instead of traveling to 40 miles to access healthcare, by building of these, we are enabling children, women and elders to access healthcare in their villages.

The facility will be self sustainable because, villagers shall be able to contributes for their medication cost in the village on which it will help to cover running costs while helping them.